November 20-22, 2015 Clearwater Beach, FL
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About Us

Suncoast Classic Jazz, Inc.

is a Florida not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation

For 23 years, we have been presenting our annual Suncoast Jazz Festival, which is dedicated to preserving and promoting jazz, the only true American art form.

The festival provides opportunities for both professional musicians from all over the United States as well as aspiring young musicians from our community to perform and share their music with enthusiastic and very appreciative audiences in Clearwater, FL. Clearwater Jazz… ahhh.

Because of the generosity of a lot of individual sponsors and attendees, Suncoast Classic Jazz Inc. has been able to give back to the community yearly in the form of financial assistance……. to both individual young musicians as well as bands and local schools.  Over the years, contributions total nearly $100,000.

Continuing support will ensure the future of the festival and scholarship program.  Come join the ranks of our sponsors and loyal fans, enjoy a terrific weekend of jazz on Florida’s Suncoast, and help us keep this terrific tradition alive…………….this is your legacy to the future of traditional jazz.

Mission Statement

Suncoast Jazz Classic, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation………is dedicated to preserving jazz (the only true American art form) through an annual festival and events throughout the year, providing opportunities for aspiring young musicians of our community to perform, and giving back to our community in the form of financial assistance to young musicians, bands and schools.


The City of Clearwater

has officially proclaimed November 21-23, 2014 as Suncoast Jazz Classic Weekend!
Keep Jazz alive in Clearwater.

Clearwater-Centennial-Logo-webSuncoast Jazz Classic 25th Silver Jubilee” has been sanctioned by the Committee and has formally received the “Official Centennial Event” designation. The Clearwater Centennial commemoration promises to be a year of celebration, reflection, and newfound appreciation of Clearwater’s most important cultural and historical treasures.

Board of Directors

suncoast clearwater jazz board members

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Festival Director: Joan Dragon

Secretary/Treasurer: Jim and Danni Sullivan

Fundraising: Fran Bartlett

Legal Advisor: Rachel Domber

Publicity and Promotion: Frank and Sue Grace , Mary Wells

Festival Sales and Ambassador Club: Jim and Mary Schalow

Youth Performances and Scholarships: Barry Hamilton

Sound and Technical: Paulette Pepper

Administrative Assistant and Festival Office Manager: Claudia Florczyk

Directors Emeritus: Shirley Wimpfen, Dave Fanning, Charlie Jacobs, and Maxine Kelly – Society Liaison

Festival Administration

Assistants to the Director: Susan Fuller and Wayland Linscott

Promotions Staff: Eloise Hayes, Sid Zipperman, Andy Bergeron, Jim & Mary Schalow, Barbara Jones, Linda Campi and Theresa Haverkamp

Festival Secretarial Services: Linda Campi

On-Site Operations: Kirk Merrett

Signage: Bev Merrett

Hospitality Room Chairmen: Operations – Linda Androvich, Volunteers – Alice Wallace, Asst. to Chairman – Charlotte Hull

Venue Volunteers: Bill and Bonnie Maxwell

Swing Dancing: Theresa Haverkamp

Slideshow Production: Marge Wheaton

Photographer: Wayne Cathel, Belleair Images, Gary Bookout, Ray Smith, Charles Farley

Videographer: Eric DeVine

Internet Liaison and Webmaster/Facebook/YouTube: Laurean Vincent, Red Palm Marketing